Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


When unfinished business starts blocking everything else in your life, know that you are unintentionally sabotaging yourself by procrastinating. This week you need to face things head on. Go have that ugly conversation, make that tough decision. You need to follow through on your plans and finish what you’ve started even if you are scared or it is hard. No more self-sabotage. The week is abundant especially post the eclipse this weekend. The shadow has been cast aside and the moon is nurturing your every dream. Do what you need to do now. A lot will change this week. Be careful not to get attached to outcomes and instead know that however the result comes to you, happiness will be yours.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Instead of struggling to control the end result, focus on taking action. What will be, can be worked out and it will work out as is appropriate for everyone’s highest good. What have you been avoiding? You need to tackle things in your life instead of waiting around for the right mood, frame of mind or then better circumstances. Your life is a result of your choices. If you accept this, you cannot expect an exemption for your acceptance. In fact you have to embrace the mess as is and figure your way through with a sense of accountability and responsibility. You need to follow through with what your choice or action has set in motion without complaining. Expect conflicts this week as you face your reality. The chaos is good. It’s what will finally shift your reality and allow you to rebuild your life the way you’ve always dreamt of it.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 18

It’s a time to nurture your relationships within circles where you feel you belong. Those you see as mentors and guides – spend time tapping into their experience, wisdom as well as love. Some may also find themselves in a new group. Take time to see who you feel drawn to and know that it’s a connection set up by the divine. Rest a lot this week. Health needs to be the only priority. This is not a week to make any decisions. Let life happen. Simply, take care of yourself. You’re surrounded by a lot of love. Accept and acknowledge without questioning. The intention may not be what you’d like, that doesn’t make the love unworthy or unnecessary. Wants and expectations need to be parked aside and you need to take what is being offered with grace.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

There’s no use; you cannot control everything. The fates are in your favour. Allow some time to pass and let your being align to the rhythm of this new phase in your life. Do not be impatient or in a hurry. You are being asked to watch your pace. Change gears frequently as different aspects require you to move forward at different speeds. Avoid running when you should be crawling. Getting there faster will only cause restlessness and disillusionment. A lot of choices will have to be made this week. Let yourself breathe through each of the options. Think of what you want to experience, what you are creating and choose from desire. Be realistic first and then break your dream down to achievable milestones. Some of you might be in a phase of discovery. Enjoy the adventure.

Aries: March 21 – April 20

What do you know? What are you denying outright and what piece of wisdom within your possession are you ignorant about? This week don’t ask people for clarification, reassurance, reiteration or then validation. Look at your own experiences and use the knowledge you hold thanks to the lessons you’ve learnt. Some of you are stubbornly repeating a pattern and then crying about experiencing the same pain over and over again. You need to make absolutely new choices this week despite the fear. Love, wealth, peace, happiness – all are available to you. What will it take for you to accept this truth and to open up to its power? Step one is to make peace with your current circumstances. Making peace does not mean resigning to fate. In fact it will allow you to stop the energy drain and reallocate your emotions and thoughts towards the change you want to make. Focus on what matters.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Everything that is meant to be and meant for you is falling into place. Even that which is uncomfortable or what you may be interpreting as an obstacle, is the Universe at work. Keep reconnecting with your sense of faith this week and you will witness the magic unfold. Be flexible and adapt to the changing circumstances quickly. Those who are rigid will struggle this week. Improvise instead of complaining and controlling. At every step of the way you will receive signs and messages. Interpret these appropriately. Being convenient or choosing to stay in your comfort zone is not wise. Trying to bulldoze your way forward will have its own consequences. You need to follow the lead the Universe gives you instead of trying to take charge. A big ask. But it comes with big rewards.

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

Can you hear yourself? Are you listening to what you are thinking and saying? Are your words guided by your intuition or your fears? Your being is telling you something. For some, your body might already be screaming. Listen. You need to pay attention and stop leaning only on outside voices. You’re an intelligent being who is refusing to think and act in accordance to what they know is good from them. Be brutally fair in your conversations with yourself. Understand what’s really going on in your body, mind and heart. Look at the situations that have slammed the triggers within and assess your narrative. Brace for a rough week ahead. Conflicts within and with others should be expected. This is a phase of transformation and these are rarely pain-free.

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

A prosperous week with new beginnings, opportunities and a wave of financial gains. Stand in the energy of gratitude this week and live as if your dreams have already come true. The power of “as if” is available to you this week and you must use it to manifest all that you need and want. You’re being showered with blessings. There’s so much available to you this week. Choose to thrive. There is only abundance in your life. Live as if! The week will host budding romances and gestures of commitment for some. There’ll be a business partnership that will level up in some people’s lives. This is a good time for lovers and business partners to commit to new phases, projects as well as each other. When the season of bounty dawns, make the most of it. Make sure you park aside your worries for another day and do what’s needed for what’s working in your life right now.

Leo: July 23 – August 23

Are you being fair? Or are you reacting in an extreme way? Who are you judging – the other person or yourself? Who are you blaming – yourself or someone else? Wisdom means knowing the repercussions of your choices. Courage means taking responsibility for those choices. Maturity means acknowledging the part you’ve played. This week will be very hard unless you choose to be wise and mature. Seek help if that’s what you need. Some have no choice but to take help. It’s how the Universe intended it to be right from the start. Listen to this person and learn to follow someone else’s guidance without needing to prove yourself. The week will be hectic for most, but with routine, mundane tasks. Get the basics done. This is most important and this one week can make a big difference going forward.

Virgo: August 24 – September 22

Watch and wait. Whatever you realise, do not make a move. Breathe and stay grounded. Hold your position very calmly. Certain things are work in progress and you will need to make a few decisions soon. However, right now you need to just be and let things flow for a bit. Stay in the present. The call of the past often sounds very beautiful, but nostalgia this week is a waste of time. The temptation to dream of the future can be very strong. But it’ll only trigger restlessness as what you seek is not possible immediately. Hence, the Universe’s strong advice is to stick to the present. Do what is possible and be satisfied with that for the day. A lot of what you’ve dreamed of is coming to be. The Universe is hard at work. You need to make sure you don’t come in your own way.

Libra: September 23 – October 23

Play fair. Life is full of good and not so good. It’s how it’s supposed to be. The week will be a mixed bag. Be careful not to attach yourself to the discomfort or stress of things not going your way right now. Know that life is transient and everything is constantly changing. A certain decision you’ll be called to make needs to be thought through well. You’re at risk of making an unwise choice. If you can avoid making any big decisions this week and give everyone time to play their parts out. The right move will be revealed. Do not shy away from asking for a sign. This week you do not pine for any solid outcomes. Do your follow ups and let things flow as per divine timing. You’ve been building up for the victory that awaits and huge changes are underway. Work on building your strength and sense of faith in the meantime.

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

Chant the Serenity prayer this week and let life do its thing. Do not write any doomsday tales for things that are taking time or have taken a detour. Everything that’s not working out is a protection of sorts. Hold on and stay strong. The week will see some conflicts brought to the right resolution. And you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as well as others. Assess, don’t judge. Avoid passing verdicts or meting out punishments. Instead of trying to mould someone or after a circumstance, choose to accept them as they are as well what is. You will soon see the false notions that were guiding you. Your naivety might surprise you. Remember to be compassionate towards yourself. Look beyond what is visible and you’ll find that core belief that needs to be realigned.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Your gut is guiding you as is appropriate for your highest good. Read this over and over again and simply follow your intuition. Take those chances you’re being nudged to take. You’ll be handsomely rewarded as this week is a period of prosperity and growth for you. Any new opportunities must be entertained with enthusiasm. Make new plans with zest and conviction. However, remember to stay grounded and be realistic. Assess the pros and cons, and make decisions based on constructive thinking. You are being called to take calculated risks. You will be surrounded by synchronicity and it’ll seem like everything is moving only for you. This is the Universe wielding its power in your favour. Make the most of it.

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