Celebrity-Approved Eyeliner Trends To Try According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign is characterised by certain personality traits. You may or may not relate to it completely, but you have to admit, it is so much fun to read what your stars say about you. And when you need some on-trend eyeliner inspiration, your zodiac will narrow down the option for you. It’s all about self-expression, so let fate find the perfect eyeliner look for you try. Here are celebrity-approved eye looks that complement each zodiac sign.

Capricorn – Smoke Show


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The goal-oriented, ambitious sign of the lot tends to overthink sometimes. We hear you, people! But this eyeliner look won’t be a topic of concern for them. You can never go wrong with a smokey look. Blend the liner to make it look like a wing and tight line it with kohl for a dramatic effect.

Aquarius – Floating Metallic


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A post shared by Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono)

Aquarians love trying things that are offbeat but stunning; we expect nothing less from this artsy and independent zodiac sign. So, floating eyeliner is just right kind of look! It needs a little bit of precision and effort but looks so stylish.

Pisces – Dainty Dots

Pisceans are humble, emotionally mature and sensitive. They will undertake an eyeliner look that gives them creative freedom and reflects their soft personality. This fun dotted eyeliner can be sported in different ways, above the lid, around the inner corners or under the lower lash line.

Aries – Flamin Red

Aries create unique trends and are known for their confidence. They aren’t afraid of trying something new, like a smudged red eyeliner that matches this zodiac’s fierce personality. Pair it with a dewy base and keep the overall look minimal to make sure your eyes stand out.

Taurus – Pretty Pastel

This zodiac loves everything sensory; they stop and smell the roses. They can be stubborn but will appreciate the little things in life. With minimal effort, what could be better than bringing pretty pastels to the eyes? Perk things up by layering different shades like lilac, green or peach.

Gemini – Glittery Wings


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These social butterflies can strike great conversations and are also listeners. They need just a dash of glitter that can jazz up the whole face without trying too hard. Wear it as a liner, or swoop it across the entire lid as a glitter eyeshadow.

Cancer – Trendy Banana


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Every Cancerian has a nostalgic and romantic side that will like the banana eyeliner makeup trend. This ’60s-inspired eyeliner is a curved eyeliner in your crease below the brow bone that accentuates the eyes, giving you a doe-eyed look. One can achieve the look with liquid, gel or a pencil liner.

Leo – Reverse Cat Eye

This bold eyeliner look is made for Leos, an impactful look that resembles the eyes of your inner lion. Pull off the reverse eyeliner by applying the liner on the lower lash line instead of the top; it’s easy to take your eye makeup game up a notch without much effort.

Virgo – Negative Space


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Kind and reliable, Virgos love precision and that’s exactly what this look offers. You can also experiment with negative space eyeliner by drawing a partial wing with coloured eyeliners and not filling it in. From far, what might seem like a regular eyeliner is much more fun yet sophisticated up close.

Libra – Double Wings


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You might have a hard time making decisions (classic Libra) which is okay because the double-wing eyeliner is completely customisable. You can play around with the look with different colours and wing lengths. Your ever-evolving spirit will surely be satisfied.

Scorpio – Funky Graphic


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A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat)

A Scorpio’s fierce imagination needs no bounds, and they need to try this eyeliner trend with endless possibilities. The graphic eyeliner has no rules; let your creativity run wild. We are hooked to this look; the pop of colour adds all the drama you need. Pop some nude lip gloss on, and you are good to go.

Sagittarius – Go Bold Or Nothing


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A post shared by Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono)

Adventurous Sagittarians need something that mirrors their passionate side and stands out. So dip your eyeliner brush in a vibrant liquid matte lip colour and wear it as an eyeliner. If you don’t wish to go all out like Rihanna, try a dainty wing on the outer corners of your eyes.


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