7 Engaging Book Clubs That Come With The Promise Of Conversations And Camaraderie

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Reading has often been a filler word in the ‘hobbies’ section of a resume to make yourself seem smarter. My own experience with reading has been quite a journey. The sole reason I picked up the habit during the lockdown was because I wanted to reduce my screen time and there was nothing that was as engaging as reading books turned out to be. I started by reading genres that I already consumed in different mediums, i.e. movies and TV shows. Which is something that I believe helped me develop the habit.

Another thing that really helps when you find it difficult to continue trying is surrounding yourself with people who can be a constant reminder of the joys that reading entails. Here’s a list of book clubs around the world that might just be the community that helps you discover your love for reading.

Reese’s Book Club

For all the girlies looking for books with women-centric storylines, we’ve found just the club for you. What? Like it’s hard? The monthly pick is usually chosen by Reese Witherspoon herself. Joining the club is absolutely free, via downloading the club’s app. And everything you buy from the app will generate affiliate income, 100% of which goes to support diverse writers and indie booksellers.

Join here.

The White Crow Book Club

The WCBC meets every month at The White Crow bookshop in Mumbai. They discuss characters, plots, literary themes, and play bookish games as well. It’s a place for you to nerd out on all things books. With a community like this, you’ll be able to make reading a habit in no time.

Join here.

Sonali’s Book Club

2024 is the year of ins and outs and maintaining a reading habit is surely a part of the ins column with Sonali Bendre’s passion project that welcomes booklovers from across the world. The discussions happens either via Facebook Live or a textual discussion on the Sonali’s Book Club Facebook group. Joining SBC requires no membership payment.

Join here.

Sanskaari Girls Book Club

If you’re interested in challenging your biases and engaging in feminist, South Asian literature, try the SGBC. A common theme gets chosen for a reading journey of six months to bring in a sense of cohesiveness and stronger focus. Through the time period, members get to explore fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, essays, poems and more.

Join here.

Silent Book Club

With more than 500 chapters in 50 countries around the world, the SBC is an introvert’s heaven. Members gather at a public location like a cafe or a park to read together in quiet camaraderie. If there’s no chapter at your location, SBC even encourages you to launch one.

Join or start your chapter here.

The Indian Book Club

At IBC, members share reviews, recommendations, special edition finds and even share and sell books. The club requires a paid membership to join. It’s 100% online and offers a literary circle for adults and a young readers club for kids because they encourage developing the reading habit from a young age.

Join here.

Atta Galata Book Club

This bookstore in Bengaluru is a venue for their book club sessions and tons of literary, art and cultural events. From book launches to film screenings, they have something or everyone. With such a wide range of guests held sessions and sub communities you might stumble upon something you never knew you loved!

Join here.

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