7 Cosy-Chic Styles Of Jeans To Swap Your Joggers With


After a year-long break up with our beloved jeans, how does one get back with it? The answer is, like every other relationship, go slow. Do not even look in the direction of your skinny pair; that’s going too fast too soon. Remember, you’re still working from home, and french fries are your go-to snack. Explore your options, find a comfortable, snuggly pair that feels like the right transition after 365 (and more) days of pyjamas and joggers.

If you feel there’s a dearth of alternatives, let us help you out. Scroll down for the top seven styles of jeans that aren’t your ultra-slim fits.

1 Cargo Cut 


This style is basically your cargo pants but in a denim version. If you don’t like the extra-baggy cargo trousers, try this option. Brownie points because it has 24,53,567 pockets, something womenswear is not often blessed with.

2. Bootcut Jeans 


Bootcut is the smart route between bellbottoms and straight-fit. Those who don’t want to be too risque or too safe strut in style in this form-flattering alternative. Pro tip: team it with a body-hugging blouse, shirt, or tank top for that accentuated effect.

3. Mom Jeans 


Mom denim is the Kris Jenner of the denim world; it isn’t regular jeans, it is cool jeans. They are tailor-made for ladies who tackle endless to-do list during their day and prefer striking a balance between being comfortable and stylish. It’s super high-waist but anti-fit from the hip to the hem, making it easier to run around and relax in.

4. Straight Fit 

Straight fits are normcore but reliable when you want to look presentable without any effort. It elongates your frame, minus the additional bulk. Club it with cropped tops, shirts or lightweight cardigans, and you’re good to go.

5. Baggy Jeans 

Baggy denim is the fashion magic trick you need on days you’re bloated or want to conceal that pandemic muffin top. You can wear it with cool and funky t-shirts, tops or even bodysuits. They are like the palazzos but made in a thicker and stretchy material.

6. Ripped Jeans 

Ripped jeans in summer is a match made in fashion heaven. Of course, you might get some eye rolls from the family if you walk around in this uber-cool distressed denim. Go for high-waist or low-waist according to your preference and style it with oversized hoodies, cottagecore tops and some fresh accessories to complete the look.

7. Paperbag Jeans 

Paperbag denim is the ultimate ‘cute jeans’ (if you know, you know). The bunched-up waist detail wrapped with a belt is utilitarian-chic. Tuck in your t-shirt, put on your sneakers and wear this fancy new denim trend for your next grocery run.

- Junior Digital Editor


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