Love DIY Fashion? Here Are 7 Instagram Accounts That Deserve A Follow


Just like any other Instagram addict, I was mindlessly doomscrolling one day when I came across this zany, eccentric side of the app – DIY Fashion. Artists upcycling their old cardboard boxes into pretty handbags, embroidering their favourite pair of Converse and making beautiful earrings out of sea shells engulfed my explore page, thanks to the algorithm. This is where an artistic convergence of all things fashion, art and crafts happens (with a sustainable approach) and I was in awe.

DIY Fashion
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Being fashionable does not require you to punch a hole in your pocket to buy that designer handbag or that lace detail dress you saw on your way back home. You just need a handful of supplies and a generous dose of creativity and inspiration to get going. Let these 7 DIY Fashion Instagram accounts inspire you to be a sustainable fashionista.

1. @nik_vikond


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A post shared by Stepan Barnev (@nik_vikond)

While bleach can be your worst laundry nightmare if used wrong, this calligraphy artist surely knows how to play with it. With his masterful strokes and the power of bleach, Stepan Barnev transforms plain hoodies and t-shirts into cool, street-style outfits that boast unique designs and edgy typography. Who needs plain, boring hoodies when you can bleach them?

2. @myfairy_alias

While Mermaid-core had us all in a chokehold during the ‘The Little Mermaid’ release, Instagram user Arielle V still amazes viewers with jewellery made out of literal sea shells. Channel your inner enchanting mermaid or a hypnotizing siren with Arielle’s beautiful earrings and other accessories.

3. @lirika.matoshi

What if we say that you can carry your bed with you, on your jacket? It sounds like every sleep-deprived person’s dream, isn’t it? Well, this brand has aced it with an array of unconventional, yet pretty designs, they have transformed your regular jackets, corsets and sundresses to make you look like a walking piece of art! From cottage-core girlies to streetwear fans, there’s something for everyone – a sign good enough to do a closet makeover.

4. @dart_tran


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A post shared by Dart Tran (@dart_tran)

Sustainability meets fashion inside Vietnamese artist Dart Tran’s workshop. Within a few steps, this artist transforms old cardboard boxes into useful and fashionable handbags. Fashion can be sustainable with the right approach and this artist certainly proves that. This is your cue to go creative and get upcycling those dusty old boxes on your top shelf. A handmade, upcycled Nike handbag? Sign me up.

5. @hanembroiders

This award-winning artist weaves magic with their embroidery skills, no cap! Specialising in making bridal sneakers, this artist adds a touch of elegance to your classic street-style footwear with intricate embroidery, featuring floral patterns and hearts, to your beloved four-legged friends. Be it walking down the lane for your weekly grocery run or down the aisle on your wedding day, these embroidered shoes are sure to become your companions in every walk of life, quite literally.

6. @thisartperson


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A post shared by Yasmin 🧸 (@thisartperson)

UK-based artist Yasmeen creates the most Pinterest-y crafts, from mermaid skirts and paintings on corsets to fairy lights from trash. Not to forget, this viral shirt design had everyone trying out their hand at sewing, including me. While I pricked my thumb multiple times as I failed miserably, you can try hopping onto this trend and creating your own version of the ‘bleeding heart’.

7. @byefrisbie


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A post shared by Frisbie (@byefrisbie)

Your handbags can not only be made from cardboard boxes but also from thrifted denim jeans…yes you heard it right! With innovative patterns and sewing techniques, glueing pieces of scraps together, this artist creates handbags that would definitely pair up with your casual, street-style looks. Who knew that an old pair of jeans would find a new life in the age of DIY Fashion?

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