8 Beautiful Sibling Relationship Portrayals That Have Our Heart


Growing up, my brother and I never saw eye to eye on anything. We would fight constantly, the urge to smack some sense to him was strong.  But at the end of the day, he was and is my best friend. Most sibling bonds are such – constant exchange of insults, some backhanded compliments, a fight for the remote and yet, this is the person you call when you reach home at the wee hours of the morning.

We seldom see as familial relationships of siblings represented on screen. Not in a way that’s convincing anyway.

Here are some of the most wholesome and heartwarming sibling moments of TV shows and movies that captured our hearts and showed us why no matter what happens you can always count on your sibling.

The Menon men had each other’s backs in Friday Night Plans

In the Netflix original, Friday Night Plans, we get to witness how a Friday alters the course of the life of two brothers, and their previously tumultuous relationship. Adi is hellbent over making Sid the cool guy, while Sid teaches the importance of owning up to your mistakes to Adi.

The movie takes you through all the phases of a sibling relationship, from fighting, teasing to appreciating and solving problems together. One Friday night plan shapes them and their relationship. Their dynamic throughout the movie could be described as wholesome.

Monica and Ross, FRIENDS

Even after ending two decades ago, FRIENDS is a fan favourite, and so are the relationships shared between the six main characters. One of which is TV’s most iconic brother sister duos, Ross and Monica showed the importance of having your family around, and how your sibling can grow to be best one of your friends.


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Their adorable bond was strengthened by their love for nerdy things which no one else from the gang ever understood. Whether it was their performance of the routine on New Years Rocking Eve, or fighting over ‘The Geller Cup’, they kept each other’s inner child alive.

Jonathan And Will, Stranger Things

Out of the plethora of siblings on Stranger things, the Byers brothers’ bond remains superior. Jonathan, along with Nancy actively tried to find Will when he disappeared and was evidently distraught over his brother’s abduction.


Jonathan continues to help Will fight Mind Flayers in season 2. Later on, when Will is distanced from his friends, he sticks with Jonathan. In one particular standout moment between them, Jonathan recounts a past memory, reassuring a hurt Will that he will always be accepted and supported by his brother.

Aditi asks Amit why aren’t they friends anymore in Janee Tu Ya Janee Na

Very few Bollywood movies have been able show an authentic bond shared between siblings without excessive melodrama. Aditi and Amit are one of the few. From unending insults to placing blame on one another when confronted by their parents, Aditi and Amit’s relationship mimicked that of Tom and Jerry.

When Aditi, saddened by Amit’s aloof front asks Amit to be her friend again, Amit replied by saying they never stopped, and makes her realise that Jai is the one she should be with.

Loki sacrificed himself for Thor in the MCU

The god of mischief, Loki always caused troubles in his brother’s life. Regardless of Loki’s several crimes Thor always looked out for his brother. The information of Loki being adopted does not change Thor’s stance towards him.


Initially believed to be evil, Loki redeemed himself of his past misdoings when he ends up sacrificing his life to save Thor and others from Thanos.

When Kabir takes a stand for Ayesha in Dil Dhadakne Do

From selfish parents to unloving husband, Ayesha wasn’t the most blessed person when it came to the family arena. Her only hope in her messy family was her brother – Kabir.

Ayesha and Kabir, relied heavily on each other, as the rest of their families had proven to be…well…not the best of people. Kabir calls out his parents for not including Ayesha’s name in invitations for a cruise trip she planned and was quick to jump to her defensw when Ayesha’s husband misbehaves with her.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, with an overbearing mother and a cheating father, Kabir and Ayesha were the only family they had they could count on.

When Disney redefined its act of love in Frozen

Disney’s best work of the past decade was undoubtedly the story of two sister princesses, as different as night and day. Frozen takes us on Elsa and Anna’s journey.

After accidentally hurting Anna when they were children, Elsa distances herself from her sister. Elsa’s fear and isolation leads for a rift between the sisters resulting their kingdom to be captured in an eternal winter.


Anna sets out on the quest to rescue the kingdom of Arendelle and bring her sister back. Anna’s resilience and her fight for her sister makes Elsa realise that all she needs to control her magic is love.

Alex being the first one to find about Haley’s pregnancy on Modern Family

Your sibling and you are often going to be very different to each other, Alex and Haley from the Modern Family were as different as chalk and cheese. Alex was the intellectual, sassy nerd of her family, while Haley fit the popular dumb girl trope.

In their teenage years, Alex and Haley could not stand each other and fought often. However, as they grew up they got closer and formed the sisterhood we all crave for.


Alex helped Haley with her various unending life dramas, while Haley helped Alex become the cool kid. The depth of their relationship was seen when Alex was the first person Haley announced her pregnancy to.

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