Forget About ‘A Man In Finance With Blue Eyes’, Let’s Focus On The Men Written By Women


Can you imagine playing a Taylor Swift or The Weeknd song the whole time, but your Spotify wrap has a TikTok sound in the year-end playlist? We are talking about the ‘I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes’ sound. I know a lot of you must be wondering what I’m even talking about. So let me explain.

Last month, the comedian Girl On Couch posted a video on TikTok with the comments, “Can someone make this into an actual song, please?” and “Did I just write the song of the summer?” That’s when she slightly impersonates Alexis Rose’s (from Schitt’s Creek) voice and sings the line, “I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes”. It wasn’t long before our generous reel music makers beatboxed remix noises over it and Stan squad started making fan edits over it.

This song is definitely going to be featured in some of the cringiest Gen Z moments to ever exist on this app. “Blue eyes,” “trust fund,” and “6’5” – all together seems like the most unrealistic expectation from that sex, but men in general have weird expectations from women. The question is why are we even asking men to fill in these boxes and glorify them?

The men who actually deserve the spotlight are the fictional ones written by women. Well because, reality is kind of doomed. Men written by women is more of a delusion.

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The reason why most women adore the men written by female scriptwriters and authors is that these men are meticulously designed to be the embodiment of a woman’s desire, which is significantly better than the finance guys of the internet. And despite being so illustrious and remarkable, these guys are not flawless; maybe that’s why they need to be celebrated a bit more, especially the one written by Jane Austen (personal favourites). In case you are looking for an example, scroll down for our favourite men written by women.

Rana: Piku

i'd crawl to you... : shesnake: Irrfan & Deepika Padukone in Piku (2015)...

Rana from Piku is a major green flag. This man never criticised or expected her to change for anything; instead, he supported her choices like a good friend and accepted her for who she is.

Hot Priest: Fleabag

ANDREW SCOTT as the hot priest in Fleabag Season...

Much attention was paid to Andrew Scott’s portrayal of a priest who falls in love with Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag. His kind demeanour was adored by everyone and is one of the most loved pop culture characters.

Sunny Gill: Dil Dhadakne Do

farhan hot akhtar — farhan akhtar in dil dhadakne do.

Despite being a cameo, Farhan Akhtar’s role in Dil Dhadakne Do made an unforgettable impression on the viewers, particularly in the sequence where he imparts some equity lessons to Rahul Bose’s character and standing up for Priyanka’s.

Lee Jun Ho: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

i will find you in an instant.

Lee Jun Ho is Mr. Charming at the Hanbada Law Firm. He had our hearts in a chokehold from the word go. Remember his first scene where he assists the main character, rookie attorney Woo Young, in passing through the building’s rotating doors on her first day at work? Yeah, that worked. His lending of a patient ear as Young Woo talks about whales at the wee hours of the morning has set the bar pretty high. His character gives us hope that someone will always be willing to love us.

Deepak: Laapata Ladies

Laapataa Ladies Movie Trailer; Aamir Khan | Kiran Rao | लापता लेडीज का ट्रेलर रिलीज: आमिर खान कर रहे प्रोड्यूस, कई साल बाद बतौर डायरेक्टर कमबैक करेंगी एक्स वाइफ ...

There’s nothing I can write that will measure the way this movie has my heart. Kiran Rao bowled us over with this cinematic gift and with a character like Deepak who is now everyone’s favourite husband on the internet.

Dr. Jehangir Khan: Dear Zindagi

nine-nine! — shahrukh khan gif pack

One of everyone’s favourite Shah Rukh Khan character to ever grace our screen. A therapist we wish everyone deserves in their life.

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