Here’s a Step By Step Guide On How To Build Your Bridal Beauty Trousseau Kit


It’s fair to say that the new age bride likes to take charge of all the wedding preps from scratch. The good old traditional red lehenga or a more contemporary pastel outfit, it’s her choice and she knows exactly how she wants every fragment of her big day to look. While decor, outfits and even locations are at the forefront of all the spadework, putting together the bridal beauty trousseau kit is an exceedingly emotive as well as exciting feeling.

Here’s how you can champion the task in these simple steps and create a kit that keeps all the end minute panic attacks at bay.

1. Skincare First

Yes, we know you’ll indulge in a myriad of bridal beauty rituals and facials to achieve that lit-from-within kinda skin but no amount of treatments can fill in for the skincare prep that is a must for the makeup subsequently. Go for only those products that are tried and tested to avoid precipitous reactions. Invest in a luxurious skin-reforming serum (something with gold) that adds lustre and glow to the skin. Such a serum also maintains the moisture level beneath all that heavy makeup.

2. Hydration Is A Must

This is non-negotiable. A generous and thick layer of moisturiser is your only way to avoid any and every makeup mishap. So go ahead and make space for a trusted moisturiser that suits your skin type and is pally with your makeup as well. If you’re planning a wedding by the beach (or in the daytime), opt for a moisturiser that also offers sun protection to avoid sun damage.

3. A Primer Like None Other

Not just any, but only a good primer can help the heavy makeup stay in place through all the ceremonies (plus sweat and tears) throughout the day. A mattifying primer that offers blurring and pore-filling properties plus has a slightly viscous consistency would be ideal to perfect the base and boost the longevity of the makeup.

4. Ace Your Base

Remember, your base is everything. It can make or break your look (and photographs) on the biggest day of your life. Feel free to create a bespoke blend of foundations across formulae, textures and shades, to ensure your base looks like second skin and not cakey or muddy. Pick full coverage thick products only if you really have to, otherwise fluid, dewy and lightweight products are your best bet.

5. Powder Powder Powder

If there’s someone you’ll reach out to more than your best friend on D-day, it is a compact powder. Whether recurring touch-ups or covering up any makeup boo-boos, you must keep a finely milled (not too cakey or drying) powder and a fluffy brush or sponge handy.

6. Cream Meets Powder

Let’s admit it, both cream and powder products have their own pros and to combine them both would be the best option for your wedding day. While a cream-based formula can resist sweat and water, a powder-based formula seals the makeup for longer. Layer your blush, bronzer and highlighter with both the textures for maximum effect.

7. Everything Waterproof

Honestly, no one wants raccoon eyes on their big day! If you don’t want kajal smearing or mascara running all over your face, you know what you have to do. Waterproof makeup. Eyes and lips are two areas that tend to bleed or smudge easily which is why you must resort to products with high water resistance.

8. Smell Good, Feel Good

Nothing can substitute a classic perfume that gives you a fresh feeling all day long. With mounds of clothing and jewellery, it is easy to slip into the not so pleasant scent zone. But a powerful fragrance concocted with diverse notes will save you from such a bummer.

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