6 Small Ways In Which You Can Help People During The Pandemic While Staying At Home

The news is filled with stories of people struggling to make ends meet. Each post and every story on social media is another plea for help, and at a time like this, feeling overwhelmed and powerless about how you can help can be a peak emotion. In case you’ve been feeling helpless about how to make the situation a little better, we’re coming to your aid. Here are six small ways in which you can do your bit and assist those in need.

1. Verify Numbers


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In a situation like this, you may have probably found yourself in a surfeit of contacts and leads for help. Whether it’s for food suppliers, mental health services or medical facilities, sometimes these leads are fake and do not work. This can add up to the stress of the person fighting Covid-19 or taking care of someone battling the virus. Here’s where you can help. Call up these numbers and verify their authenticity for your friends and loved ones with respect to their specific needs. This small step can really go a long way in relieving someone’s pressure.

2. Donate Funds To NGOs Helping In Covid-19 Relief


A lot of NGOs across the country are helping the situation in their personal capacity. From food drives, provisioning oxygen cylinders and refilling to providing free mental health therapies, several NGOs have now adopted the role of frontline workers. You can do your bit by donating to these foundations in order to help them sustain these efforts and keep it going for the needy. Side note: no contribution is big or small because, at the end of the day, it’s helpful in some form.

Here a list of all the NGOs you can donate to right now.

3, Shop From Brands Which Are Giving Its Proceeds To NGOs


Consider shopping from brands and labels which are giving out their sales as proceeds to NGOs, charities and other bodies helping in Covid-19 relief. For instance, homegrown jewellery label Studio Love Letter is giving 50% of its sales as proceeds while independent handbag brand Mistry is giving 30% of its total revenue to Hemkunt Foundation, which is providing oxygen cylinders to the needy.

4. Provide Mental And Emotional Support


Sometimes talking really helps—for you and for others. And right now, the need for checking up on your friends and loved ones is higher than ever. Whether they have just tested positive for Covid-19, are recovering from the virus or feeling low because of the negative news around, ask them how they really are. Chances are your friends and loved ones are in need of some emotional and mental support to get through the day. Consider this your reminder to send that message and talk.

5. Donate Plasma


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Here’s a fact you ought to know. You cannot donate plasma for about 60 days after you are vaccinated. As the country is facing its peak curve with the surge in cases, you can do your bit by saving someone’s life. In case you have recovered from Covid-19, donating plasma to someone in need can be the greatest way to extend help at this time.

6. Amplify Verified Resources On Social Media

Do not underestimate the power of social media because you simply cannot fathom its reach and ability. Use your personal platform to amplify true and verified resources that may come in need. Even if it means putting an Instagram story of a verified lead or sharing a comprehensive Covid-19 Guide, it’s helping in the right direction. One tweet, one status update, one post or one Instagram story can really make a difference.

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