Get the most from your skincare routine with personalised beauty products Advertisement

Get the most from your skincare routine with personalised beauty products

Bid adieu to off-the-shelf shopping

By Drishti Kapadia  January 13th, 2020

There is nothing more disappointing than investing in your fellow beauty devotee’s holy grail products and have them do zilch for your skin. Throwback to 2018, we predicted that artificial intelligence would be that one reliable friend who will solve all our beauty dilemmas. Fast forward to 2020, clever face scanning tech and algorithms are putting an end to the one-size-fits-all approach, especially in skincare. 

“By 2025, one in three women will use personalised beauty products. This trend is triggered by awareness about how different people get varied results from the same product, and in extreme cases adverse reactions as well,” explains Yashvardhan Shrivastav, the founder of Skingene, a company that recommends products based on your genes. So, what’s the trick to knowing the exact formulas that will work for you? Fine-tuned formulations that are created after taking into account factors like your lifestyle, skin type and even your DNA. It starts with an at-home DNA test (a simple cheek swab). Two weeks later, voila! You have comprehensive results that include your genetic predisposition to sun damage, collagen loss, and inflammation, along with a list of ingredients and products that tackle concerns as per your budget. Another innovation that’s been a Hollywood favourite is Dr Barbara Sturm’s signature custom-made cream that is made using…well, your blood. It’s touted to have collagen-boosting superpowers; however no solid tests or trials have been carried out to support these claims. 

SkinKraft Kit, INR 1,699

Emcee Beauty Customised Lipstick, INR 1,450

Sabrina Suhail Glossy Gloss, INR 2,150

Bare Anatomy Deep Cleansing Personalised Shampoo, INR 749

SkinKraft, an Indian skincare brand aims to replace your whole routine with its paraben-, phthalates- and cruelty-free formulas based on the results of its in-depth online quiz. Similarly, hair care specialists Bare Anatomy offers online consultation before recommending products that will best work for you. The make-up industry has taken a bespoke route too, with Emcee Beauty, a Delhi-based make-up brand and Sabrina Suhail, former make-up artist turned beauty entrepreneur from Bangalore, giving you a chance to build your own lipsticks from scratch—picking everything from the finish to the scent. 

At a time when everyone wants the best and most long-lasting results, personalised beauty might just be what we’re looking for. Plus, the only hits and no misses factor would help significantly reduce the amount of waste generated globally.

Featured photograph: Getty Images