Cozy Up With These Luxurious Body Massage Oil Candles

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Most of us love candles for their sweet, comforting scent and the zen environment they help us create. It’s an ideal addition to our self-care routine to relax at the end of a long day or even set a romantic mood. As a candle hoarder, I couldn’t get enough of them, so I have found another excuse to stock up more. This luxurious new addition to the candle family are massage candles, also known as massage oil candles.

What Is A Massage Oil Candle?

A massage oil candle, also known as a body oil candle, is just like any other scented candle, but it gives you additional benefits of a relaxing and nourishing oil massage at home. It is specifically created with soy wax that won’t burn the skin upon direct contact as soy melts at a temperature suitable for the skin. Also, it does not irritate the skin unless you are allergic to it. Massage candles also contain essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. “Ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, or coconut oil are also added for skin benefits and relaxation,” says Trapti Kaura, founder of Kaura India – an artisanal skincare and wellness brand.

How Do You Use It?

“To use massage candles safely and without hurting yourself, let the candle burn for a while so that there is a good puddle of melted wax on the top. Next, blow out the flame and let the liquid cool slightly. Then pour the liquid onto the skin and rub it in like a regular massage oil.” says Trapti. The key is to let the liquid be warm and not scalding hot.

If you plan to make your own soy candles for massage, do your research and pick the right ingredients. Fragrances like lavender and eucalyptus would work better as they are cooling and help relieve inflammation, anxiety, and congestion. Just like you using essential oils for a bath, you should avoid ‘hot’ oils like cinnamon or thyme. Especially if you have sensitive skin, steer clear of them because they can irritate your skin. In case you are looking to pick up some massage oil candles, make sure to choose the ones that are specifically made for this purpose. Here are some of our picks.

1. Kaura India – Candle With Benefits

This candle is made with a mix of soy wax, organic cocoa butter, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. It has a refreshing and mood-lifting aroma which can be enjoyed on its own or can be used as a luxurious massage oil when lit. The candle contains no toxins, paraffin or chemicals.

2. Neom Organics – Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Real Luxury


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The intensive skin treatment candle is loaded with highly nourishing ingredients like baobab and shea butter to soothe the skin, leaving it supple and glowing. Additionally, it contains lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood oils in their purest form. Rosewood oil works miraculously on wrinkles and stretch marks.

3. Faith And Patience – Rose Quartz Crystal Charged Body Butter Candle

The candle is charged with a rose quartz crystal that opens your heart chakra and denotes unconditional love for your partner. Infused with rose essential oil, the candle will relax your body and mind. Light the candle and enjoy the aroma of sweet roses. Use the spoon with it to massage the warm butter onto the skin.

4. Anour – Vanilla Frosted Candle

If you are fond of sweet-smelling products, this should be able to make it to your list. The candle-cum-body-butter is made with pure shea butter and is ideal for dehydrated skin. It creates a barrier for the skin and restores its natural oils during harsh weather.

5. The Healing Store – Love Massage Candle

The Love Massage candle will invoke the feeling of love within you, uplifting your spirits, especially after a long, gloomy day. It is enriched with rose and neroli oil, and cocoa butter. If you resort to the feeling of love at the end, its sweet and rich aroma can surely give your mood a boost.

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