From Donning Skirts To Retro-Coded Looks, Here Are 6 Times BTS’ Jin Served Major Style Inspiration


Five-time Grammy-nominated group BTS’ oldest member, Kim Seok-jin has everything to be deemed as the K-pop icon he is: a soothing voice, groovy dancing skills, incredible visuals, and a great fashion sense. Jin, who is currently serving in the South Korean military, has been nicknamed WWH aka Worldwide Handsome, by both the Army (BTS fanbase) and himself. From his concept photos of Butter to Astronaut, his fashion game is always worth pining to our Pinterest boards.


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If we have to give his style a title, it would probably be Light Romantic Academia, apt for his Prince Charming appeal. The K-pop star is well-known for his love affair with soft tones, denims and three-piece tuxedos. Ahead, we dissect some of Jin’s enduringly iconic looks in honour of his 31st birthday.

Retro Rewind

One of the most fan favourite looks Jin stunned in, is this retro concept for BTS’ 2020 seasonal greetings. Decked in a head-to-toe Gucci look with those Harry Potter-ish glasses, he made fans fill the comment section with purple hearts in adoration.

Sweater Weather

There’s nothing more comfortable than a warm and cosy sweater in this chilly weather. And Jin’s pastel ombre yellow jumper in his single, Astronaut can be an inspiration for your next coffee run.

Disney Dreams

Jin has always been hailed as a Disney prince by the Army. There’s something about the singer, dressed in white that gives him an almost fairytale-like persona.

Boy Next Door

This style can be coded as the peak Pinterest boyfriend aesthetic. Jin nails this classic boy next door or a rom-com look with a black leather jacket and Converse sneakers.

Runway Ready

Many fans would agree when we say he could have also been a dapper model as the artist has been seen in many high-fashion looks. His Louis Vuitton campaign made waves on social media upon its release.

Skirt Love

While it is normal for many male celebrities to be pictured or styled in a skirt at the moment, the K-pop star has been rocking the pleated skirt trend since the early days of his career, before it became cool. You will find him layering denim or pleated skirts over jeans and dress pants occasionally.

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