Corsets Are Regaining Their Status As Wardrobe Staples. Here Are 11 Homegrown Labels To Shop From


The shows we watch on screen heavily inspire our daily fashion choices. Be it Succession’s quiet luxury notes or asking ourselves if corsets are back in style this season, after binge-watching Queen Charlotte. The answer is yes! This cottage-core romanticism, or regency-core-inspired trend, is undoubtedly on the rise again, and the pictures posted by fashion lovers on social media are proof of the trend’s popularity.

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Corsets have never left the trend reports or the runways; they have evolved with time. From traditional toile de jouy to fleece or upcycled upholstery, brands are making corsets in a wide range of fabrics and prints. The reason for this trend’s revival is because of its constant change in sense of style and comfort and it certainly helped that it’s moved away as a symbol of female oppression. You can see celebrities of different age groups and body types, like Olivia Rodrigo or Bhumi Pednekar, rocking this trend all the time with their own versions of it.

So, if you wanna add some corsets to your wardrobe, here are some homegrown labels to shop from:

1. Matcha Pret


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In the world of Matcha Pret, corsets are beyond gender, from delicate upcycled lace corsets to silhouettes inspired by the male form. Whimsical design sensibilities meet playful details in a range of pieces that seek to blur the lines of gender.

2. Āroka


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Aroka is the best of both worlds: versatile, dynamic pieces showcasing artistic storytelling. A standout two-piece set, Champa in Time, is the perfect pick for the summer with a swirl of enchanting colours. Based on an original painting by artist Astha Patel, whose paintings have been imprinted onto the designs as a part of the collaboration, label has it all: beautiful textures, striking sheen, and clothes that tell a story—a perfect mix for the summer.

3. Maison Nineootwo

Ethereal corsets with strikingly subtle embellishments are what dreams are made of; such dreams make the world of Maison Nineootwo. If you’re looking for gorgeously feminine pieces in classic shades of white and black, look no further.



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The world of Rafu’d is all about playful prints and dynamic shades, and their corsets are no exception. Comfort meets fun in their Chitra corset, constructed with organic cotton in a dobby weave in a beautiful sunny yellow.

5. Rising Among


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Designed in Bombay with the spirit of New York, Rising Among combines the daring and unconventionality of New York with the ease of Bombay. Their edgy bandana corset bralette is the perfect mix of trendy street style and timeless print for a summer wardrobe upgrade.

6. Polite Society

A fierce and feminine streetwear brand that’s evolved into a household name, the label’s corset feature playful details in an array of eye-grabbing silhouettes. Their signature piece is their Impolite Corset, with contrast lacing on the front. It’s a designer piece that’s a wardrobe must-have.

7. That Antiquepiece

Ethereal pieces with a vintage sentiment and a poetic edge are what That Antiquepiece is known for—think dreamy printed corsets and otherworldly pieces that exude an old-world charm, courtesy of elegant silhouettes and intricate textiles.

8. Deme Love


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Statement pieces that accentuate the body is what this brand does. With a range spanning from their oh-so-sexy denim set to their dresses and resort wear, this label knows how a corset can amp up the hotness and runs with it.

9. Liyokki

Pretty pieces that can be styled up and down are what Liyokki is loved for. A shoutout to their Liyokki mimosa corset featuring a playful print, it’s a favourite.

10.  Diermeiss by The Dragon Lady

Diermeiss by the Dragon Lady juxtaposes the classy with the eclectic. With matching corset dress sets like the shade corset paired with the ash trousers, it’s your go-to brand for a day-to-night transition look. Impeccable tailoring meets statement power dressing in their latest campaign, which celebrates the vibrant spirit of festivals.

11. Hiro Shop


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Structure meets a perfect fit in Hiro, with their denim corset featuring a denim stitch and a body-hugging silhouette. Powerful design meets elegance in Hiro’s striking colourways and meticulously constructed pieces.

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