ELLE Exclusive: Makeup Artist Behind Margot Robbie’s Barbie Look Pati Dubroff Answers the Most Asked Beauty Questions


You don’t have to be an ardent beauty lover to know about Pati Dubroff. One of the most legendary makeup artists with over three decades of experience, Dubroff has worked with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Kylie Minogue, and Dakota Johnson, and the world honours her for her expertise and skills.

For the unknown, Dubroff’s most recent work is her iconic Barbie look on Margot Robbie, something that became a global beauty and marketing phenomenon, surpassing every viral trend of the past. 

A global platform for makeup and hair education, Master of Makeup (MOM), is bringing the global artist and Chanel makeup expert, Dubroff to India after almost two decades. In its first edition, MOM has onboarded sought-after Indian and international beauty experts for exclusive masterclasses, workshops and insightful sessions on October 21st and 22nd in Mumbai.


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In what, I believe, is going to be the beauty-focused last quarter of the year, Dubroff coming to India for an exclusive masterclass will be a major curtain-raiser to the season. Ahead of her visit, we spoke to Dubroff exclusively about the masterclass, her fail-proof routine, favourite looks and fall trends.

ELLE: Pati, finally you’re coming to India after two decades, and it makes beauty enthusiasts here extremely happy. Tell us about this collaboration with Masters of Makeup.

Pati Dubroff (PD): It’s been 22 years since I last visited India. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I am beyond thrilled to share what I know with the community at this exclusive event. I just know that it will be very chic and inspiring for all those who will attend the masterclass. Prior to the event, I will travel a little and I’m excited to visit the Himalayas!

ELLE: You are going to be demonstrating the most sought-after Barbie makeup look. What is it that people are getting wrong about it till now?


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PD: The thing about the Barbie look is that it really can be anything and everything. There is something for everyone. My approach is soft touches and keeping the skin fresh. That’s the kind of Barbie that looks most beautiful in my eye. 

ELLE: What does a day in Pati Dubroff’s routine look like?

PD: My days are never ever the same. My work is very unpredictable and ever-changing. As much as I love the unexpected, I have a routine that keeps me grounded. I start with Ayurvedic oil pulling in the morning, and meditation and some type of exercise are mandatory in my routine. I also make great efforts to practice mindfulness and gratitude and keep my spiritual life at the forefront.

ELLE: What are some of the products that are non-negotiable for you?

PD: Foundation from SUQQU, Chanel lipsticks, tinted balms, creamy blushes and highlighters, and facial tools from ZIIP and REFA. 

ELLE: Tell us that one step that people usually miss but it’s important in a beauty routine.


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PD: Taking the time to stimulate the face with some sort of massage, with a face tool or hands, makes a big difference in how the skin and face look before and after makeup. It definitely looks more vibrant. 

ELLE: You have been in the industry for decades now, how has it changed?

PD: Social Media has made a huge difference. I miss that instead of focusing on our phones and capturing content we were all present in the moment and keenly waited to see final results. However, I love that I have made many friends around the globe and feel connected. I could never imagined that. 

ELLE: But in what ways has it impacted the beauty community? 

PD: In my opinion, some of the ‘trends’ we see on the internet and other social media platforms can be ridiculous and may lead people in the wrong direction. But also, we cannot ignore its power; social media lets people share their content with global audiences, and it has a significant ability to bring together those with similar interests. 

ELLE: Tell us about your current favourite look.


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PD: I’m all for less is more. The look I gave to Sofia Richie for her wedding is probably my favourite look. I believe anyone can wear it. 

ELLE: Give us a quick sneak peek of fall trends.

PD: It’s time to embrace all the warm and spicy tones of fall. Currently, I’m enjoying chocolate eyes and warm but nude lips in sheer formulas. 

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