ELLE Graduates 2023: Here Are This Year’s Trailblazing Winners

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ELLE Graduates 2023, presented at Istituto Marangoni, is an esteemed annual event designed to acknowledge and propel India’s emerging designers into the limelight. This is a distinguished platform that provides our nation’s fashion talents with the opportunity to unveil their sartorial creations.

Going beyond just a showcase, ELLE Graduates 2023 offers these designers an opportunity to get mentored, interact, and learn from the industry’s professionals and an esteemed jury. The winning designers showcased their work in a fashion show with designs that captured everyone’s imagination.

A dazzling night brought forth worthy winners; keep scrolling to learn more!

Designer of the Year

Fashion Accessories & Jewellery



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Econock, an accessories brand founded by Ribhav Kapur and Gouri Rawat, prioritises sustainability. Their simple design language ensures that they can make the most out of their sustainably produced raw materials while using less. The dynamic evolution of sustainable style captures the attention of viewers in Econock’s latest display.

The collection reimagines leather in the Kintsugi tradition, combining robust forms with inventive practicality. With its statement corsets, harnesses that are gender-neutral, and modular bags that allow for endless expression, inclusivity was centre stage. The brand demonstrated its dedication to creative design by the way it repurposed leather scraps to create one-of-a-kind items, perfectly balancing responsibility with style.

Men’s Wear



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WHENCUT GODDAMN , founded by Venkat Gaddam, is transforming fashion into ‘Wearable Art,’ creating garments that celebrate life through vibrant colourways and artistic passion. The brand skillfully blends luminous paintings with vintage detailing, offering unique pieces crafted from luxurious materials.

Throughout the collection, empowering themes of self-love and resilience weave a distinctive and statement-worthy style, reflecting the brand’s commitment to artistic expression and individuality.

Women’s Ready To Wear (Indian)

Ishan Narresh


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The success of Indian designers and the globalisation of our lavish Indian weddings have made Indian wear a highly regarded, sought-after, and joyous fashion niche. Nowadays, when you think of Indian clothing, it’s easy to picture the same beige, pink, and gold lehengas with elaborate zari embroidery.

This Indian fashion brand is a representation of the country’s rich cultural legacy. As a brand, it is dedicated to protecting and promoting India’s rich cultural diversity. It prioritised sustainability and ethical practices while fusing classic designs with a modern flair.

Sustainable Wear

Sonam Khetan


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Sonam Khetan, a Parisian-based brand, creates contemporary garments using fabrics inspired by ancient cultures and contemporary art. The brand empowers communities by infusing each garment with a personal touch by embroidering individual names.

The eponymous label’s values extend to artisans in Mumbai and Kerala, as well as the women who wear her designs. The brand also partners with NGOs to enrich the lives of artisans.

Women’s Ready To Wear (Western)

Nikhil Kolhe


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The eponymous label, Nikhil Kolhe, combines the best elements of fast fashion and haute couture, creating avant-garde pieces that are easily attained. Their clothes demand attention, redefine luxury with a maximalist identity, and challenge traditional sartorial boxes.

Embracing voluminous and billowy aesthetics, bringing glitz and glam to the forefront, and challenging traditional fashion boundaries. The brand’s chic, bold looks are straight from the runways, making clients feel like celebrities, regardless of their identity or destination.


Model of the Year

Nayonikaa Shetty


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Nayonika Shetty, a renowned fashion model, has graced the runways for designers like Sabyasachi, Gaurav Gupta, Blumarine, and Simone Rocha. Her impressive portfolio and runway presence make her a valuable addition to the high-fashion world.

She has represented India, London, Milan, and Paris, showcasing her authority on global runways. Shetty’s unique style, blending mystery and elegance, is evident in her modelling of jewellery and haute couture.

Photographer of the Year

Prachi Sharma


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Prachi Sharma is a talented fashion photographer who has a captivating portfolio that delves into each frame’s soul and cultural essence. Despite all odds, such as moving from Jaipur to Delhi without financial backing, she has made it to the top of the fashion photography world.

Her work has been praised by major brands and national and international magazines, showcasing visually striking elements and unseen facets. Sharma’s lens has become a conduit for storytelling, creating a rich tapestry of narratives that resonates globally.

Rising Social Media Star

Rahil Sayed


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Rahil Sayed, a self-taught makeup artist, has gained attention on social media for their exceptional skills in the beauty industry. Sayed’s unique perspective embraces diversity and individuality, contributing to a more inclusive narrative of beauty. Sayed’s impact lies in fostering a space where everyone can see themselves represented and appreciated.

Sayed’s booming Instagram showcases his impressive looks, proudly representing the LGBTQIA+ community and the melanin-rich South Asian community. Their impact lies in fostering a space where everyone can see themselves represented and appreciated.

Stylist of the Year

James Lalthanzuala


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James Lalthanzuala, a notable fashion stylist, has gained a significant following by showcasing his unique talent for enchanting any look. He has collaborated with renowned designers and labels like Manish Arora and Raw Mango and participates in Lakme Fashion Week.

Lalthanzuala’s expertise lies in blending diverse elements and elevating each fashion piece, making him a sought-after figure in the industry.

Power Pair

Ramona and Zoeb


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Meet Ramona and Zoeb, a dynamic duo transcending the ordinary. Ramona, a fitness enthusiast with a passion for the fast-paced world of Formula 1, and Zoeb, an actor, emcee, and former VJ, seamlessly blend their pursuits.

Beyond their diverse interests, these avid world travellers collectively command a following of over 200K, solidifying their status as a true power pair.

Fashion Entrepreneur

Mahima Mahajan


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Bollywood stars like Tara Sutaria, Sara Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, and others are smitten with Mahima Mahajan’s clothing designs. Mahajan has a talent for creating exquisite clothing, and these celebrities have walked the red carpet and attended important events wearing her designs.

She has earned honours for transforming celebrities into style icons with her distinctive and sophisticated styles, and her label is a popular choice for anyone searching for a little sparkle and elegance in Bollywood fashion.


Rising Star, Male

Moses Koul


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After making his big screen debut in “Class (2023),” this young phenom not only won admirers over with his performance, but they also gave him their hearts. It is no surprise that he got the Rising Star Award.

Keep an eye out for him as he explores the intriguing world of the film industry.

Powerhouse Performer

Ishaan Khatter


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Ishaan Khatter is a rising star in Bollywood who has garnered praise for his genuine and versatile acting. His most recent film, “Pippa,” is another example of his growing talent. He was awarded the Powerhouse Performer Award, which further highlights his ability to grow as a performer. His commitment to his craft and nuanced yet powerful performances distinguish him as a notable performer on the rise.

Sartorial Star

Triptii Dimri


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In the realm of style, Triptii Dimri emerges as a true maestro. Beyond her compelling performances in films like Bulbbul, Qala, and Animal, Dimri effortlessly weaves elegance into every thread of her repertoire.

Whether draped in sarees, adorned in gowns, gracing lehengas, or embracing leisurewear, she is transforming fashion into a captivating art form. Tonight, we celebrate Triptii Dimri as our ELLE Sartorial Star, a luminary who effortlessly dons diverse styles with unparalleled grace and flair.

Gen-Z Trendsetter



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Orhan Awatramani, also known as Orry, has amassed a following for his entertaining presence on the internet. His authentic personality and attitude of “not my circus, not my monkeys” distinguish him from other social media personalities.

Nothing more screams Gen Z or trendsetter than him answering the question “Who is Orry?” with “Orry is Just Orry.”

Mould Breaker, Male

Ali Fazal


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Ali Fazal, the powerhouse of versatility in Indian cinema, has made waves internationally by leading in “Victoria & Abdul” alongside Judi Dench and joining the star-studded cast of the much-anticipated “Death on the Nile.” Beyond his acting prowess, Fazal consistently captivates us with his fashion flair.

A trailblazer in crossing over to global entertainment, he boasts credits in four Hollywood films, a Chinese production, and a British gem, solidifying his status as India’s international star.

Exemplary Talent

Sanjana Sanghi


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Sanjana Sanghi is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema, showcasing her brilliance in Dil Bechara and Hindi Medium. Now, she takes the stage once again with a power-packed performance in “Dhak Dhak,” a tale of four women embarking on a road trip to the highest motorable pass.

With each role, Sanghi continues to carve out her niche as a dynamic and compelling presence in the film industry.

Rising Star, Female

Dot aka Aditi Saigal


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Get ready to be enchanted by the eclectic talents of this emerging force in the entertainment scene. Meet Dot, the multifaceted artist making waves in both film and music. In her feature film debut, “The Archies,” directed by Zoya Akhtar, Dot, also known as Aditi Saigal, showcases her prowess as an actress and musician.

With a jazzy, almost retro, indie vibe permeating her music, Dot’s versatility earns her the well-deserved title of Rising Star.

Music Maven

Lisa Mishra


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Embarking on her YouTube journey at the age of 13 in 2007, this artist’s social media presence played a pivotal role in shaping her career. Notably, her Instagram rendition of Tareefan, seamlessly mashed up with Let Me Love You, drew the attention of Sonam Kapoor. Subsequently, she was flown from Chicago to India to record the Reprise version of the film Veere Di Wedding.

The journey continued with contributions to hit tracks like The Wakhra Song and Chandigarh Mein. Now, she gears up for her acting debut in Amazon Prime’s Call Me Bae, marking a remarkable evolution from online acclaim to a versatile entertainer.

Fashion Maverick

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor


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A true style trailblazer, effortlessly blending two distinct styles into a seamless fashion statement. Harsh Varrdhan, an actor and producer hailing from the à la mode Kapoor family, known for their impeccable taste, Harsh Varrdhan has taken the spotlight. Wearing blazers with long shirts or kurtas, he has redefined cool in the world of fashion. While the entire family exudes great style, at this moment, all eyes are squarely on him.

Fashion and Business Excellence

Vedant Lamba


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Vedant Lamba stands at the intersection of fashion and business excellence. Recognised for his outstanding achievements, he founded Mainstreet Marketplace at the young age of 23, establishing it as one of India’s largest platforms for sneaker and streetwear resellers.

Notably, his company recently inaugurated a 1600-square-foot offline store in New Delhi, now acclaimed as Asia’s largest sneaker resale destination. Vedant, a pioneer in understanding the evolving status symbols of millennials and Gen-Z, has seamlessly transformed his passion for sneakers, originally showcased on a YouTube channel at age 16, into a comprehensive online and offline marketplace catering to sneaker enthusiasts.

Find our shining nominees and show-stoppers here.

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