8 Hair Colour Trends That Are Going To Rage In 2022

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The energy shift felt in the new year is quite apparent. 2022 brings with it a promise of a fresh start, and we’re all here for it. What better way to get your groove on for the new year than hopping on to the hair colour train? Ushering in new trends and styles while keeping the winners of last year still going strong comes the possibility of a new colour with a fresh calendar. Whether you want to enhance your existing colour and add dimension or change your personality entirely – we’re looking at some drastic and not-so-drastic changes to mark your feed this year. And staying up to date on the hottest colour trends is what we do best; so, check ’em out –

1. Putting The ‘Hot’ In Chocolate

Over the past year, we’ve seen several blonde girls gravitate to the brunette side of the spectrum. And we predict this year to have the same if not more conversions to the rich chocolate look. Making sure that it’s not a single flat colour all over is essential because this look is characterised by depth and dimension at its core.

2. Warm Me Right Up, Winter Sun


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The most identifiable colour trend will be a continuance of the warm reds and coppers, bringing us major 2010 RiRi energy, and we’re all here for it. The shades are predicted to sweep through Hollywood rapidly, alternating in vibrancy and depth of colour. According to leading hairstylists, the warmer the tone, the better the red.

3. Icy Blonde

We’re moving on from the staple California sun-kissed blonde to a more colour-blocked and bleached look. Everyone wants a bit of blonde in their look, as was witnessed towards the end of 2021 and now, the beginning of 2022. The cool, statement and woven (for the lack of a better description) this icy blonde look is to die for. You’ll want to check out our toner story if you’re going from brunette to blonde, just to know how to maintain the lighter shades without the colour getting too brassy.

4. That’s So Very Peri


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The very peri mix that you can add to your hair colour cocktail is way more fun than natural enhancement. Last year’s ‘it’ colour of last year is all set to dominate the fun space of hair colour in 2022. Whether it’s sprinkled on in subtle highlights all over or acts as a cool toner over your already existing blonde look – this colour adds dimension and doesn’t scream while doing that.

5. Brighten Me Up, Baby

A softer alternative to last year’s chunky highlights, having bright babylights could add the perfect soft frame to your face that you crave. A Y2K beauty trend, these subtle highlights tone your hair and add dimension for people not wanting to experiment or want to piggy back on a trend but need to minimise damage to their hair.

6. Pink Perfection


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Another colour on the ‘fun bandwagon’, anime pink, is all the rage. Everything is pretty in pink to make a bold statement and add some much-needed colour to a dull WFH stint. For girls looking to change their entire head of hair or make a subtle change by way of highlights or overlays, it’s obvious that pink’s here to play.

7. Dramarama With Vivid Overlays


Highlights, money pieces, and bold ombrès – dipping your hair in a pop of colour (blue, green, orange, the entire rainbow, you name it) make your hair look fresh, fun, it the new own your fashion look.  Overlays make your hair stand out, but keep the impact balanced, with your undertones matching the starkness.

8. Toasty Caramel For Winter Mornings


The chill in the air seems like it’s not going away anytime soon, and if you need some warmth to spice up the remaining days of winter, a toasty caramel is perfect. 2022 is the year for migrating back to warm tones in the brunette world and giving a twist to your existing basic brown hair by adding auburn, caramel, and copper tones. This gives your hair some depth and a rich look.

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