ELLE Exclusive: In Conversation With K-Pop Icon HyunA On Her New Album ‘Attitude’, Social Media & Her Potential India Visit


Like most Indians, my introduction to K-Pop happened with PSY’s Gangnam Style, which doesn’t need memory recall. From its beat to its famous dance move, the song is a big part of pop culture history around the globe. But many fans like me noticed someone else in the song’s other version (the duet), former Wonder Girl member HyunA. She didn’t just appear in PSY’s viral music video; she was personally selected by PSY during the initial production stage.

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The song boosted HyunA’s career and made her a household name among K-pop fans. Over the years, she has showcased her talent in chartbusters like I’m Not Cool, Crazy, Bubble Pop, and more. 2024 marks her 17th year in the Korean entertainment industry, and to celebrate it with her stride, she is back with another banger album titled ‘Atittude’ which gives us a glimpse of her personality and much more. The K-pop star sat with ELLE exclusively to talk about her new music, social media comments, and more.

ELLE: Tell us something about your new album, Attitude.

HyunA: Attitude marks my first official release with AT AREA, signalling a new era for me. I wanted to give my fans a glimpse of the real me, unveiling a side they hadn’t seen yet. The overall concept of the album was ‘Transparency’. It’s all about showing my genuine self, both in the music and in the physical album itself.

ELLE: Which is your favorite track from the album, and which one do you think fans will love the most?

HyunA: My favorite track is the title track- and I’m hoping that my fans will love it the most as well. It’s a very fun track that fits the bright seasonal atmosphere. The lyrics also express a pure and genuine curiosity about a blossoming love interest, which I thought is perfectly suited to the overarching theme of the album.


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ELLE: How was your experience working with Groovyroom?

HyunA: Working with GroovyRoom has been incredible! I felt at ease throughout the album-making process. I put a tonne of trust in their direction and production, and it turned out so great. I think being able to sync up perfectly with a producer’s vision is crucial for an artist, and GroovyRoom made it effortless for me to do just that.


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ELLE: You have been in the K-pop industry for more than 17 years; how much do you think you have evolved as an artist?

HyunA: It’s wild to think it’s been 17 years, but time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been fortunate to experience it all—from group dynamics to solo debuts, every step has shaped me into the artist I am today.

ELLE: K-pop stars and social media are always in conflict. How do you take negative comments after being in the industry for so long?

HyunA: I don’t look at comments that often. It’s tough to sift through the constructive feedback and the negative stuff. Being a public figure, you’re bound to get a mix of both, but I’ve learned to prioritise my mental well-being and keep a healthy distance from it all.


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ELLE: You are considered a fashion icon who has her taste and style; how would you like to describe it?

HyunA: My style is a huge part of my self-expression—it’s always evolving. I love experimenting with new looks and finding what feels authentic and comfortable for me.


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ELLE: You have a massive fan following in India; when are you planning to visit? Please share a message for your fans.

HyunA: Hello, A-ings of India! Thank you for your unwavering support over the years. I’ve got some exciting plans lined up, and I hope I get to visit you soon so we can finally meet face-to-face. I poured my heart into this new album, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Much love to each one of you!

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