ELLE Exclusive: In Conversation With K-Pop Star Whee In About Her New Album And The On Going World Tour

Whee In
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K-pop star and Mamamoo member Whee In is one of the industry royalties for the fans. Whee In is all set to treat her fans to new beats, displaying her diverse musical range as she experiments with various genres. And we all know there’s nothing more exciting for a K-pop fan than a comeback by their favourite idols, especially Whee In, who is globally loved by everyone including her fans in India. Whee In has kickstarted her 2024 journey with the release of her first full-length album, In the Mood.

This album is the second installment in the ‘WHEE IN IDENTITY’ series, which was first introduced in January 2022, followed by her mini-album WHEE. She previously explored her relationship with light in WHEE and is now motivated to portray more of it to the fans. It is a new beginning for Whee In, and according to her, this album embodies the magical, enigmatic, and colourful light of her craft. She has been more involved in the album’s creation to make it as authentic as possible.


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The title melody, In the Mood, has a medium-tempo pop manner with some elements of R&B and expresses the notion of seeking to help identify the ‘Mood’ inside one’s own capabilities. This song also encapsulates Whee In’s outstanding creativity. This album also marks her first collaboration with her long-time friend and fellow MAMAMOO member HWASA for the song 17. Another fun collaboration is Bite Me, an R&B tune that was made with rapper Haon, who appears on the song and contributed to the lyrical composition. Another standout track is, Here I Am, a self-written pop-rock ballad by the singer.

ELLE: How are you feeling about your comeback, especially the world tour?

Whee In: I started with with my first solo concert in Seoul and currently I am on a world tour! I had my doubts and felt nervous since it was the first time to have a solo concert, but I think it wrapped up successfully, which has made me quite confident for the upcoming tour dates. I have also released a bunch new songs like ‘Wheee’ which is a fun tune I can enjoy playing at the concert with my fans, and trust me, the response on it has truly served my expectations and beyond in that sense. It made me very happy. It is also more meaningful to be able to show some choreographies for the very first time.


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ELLE: How was the whole creative process while making your first full-length album? Is there a specific song you were looking forward to?

Whee In: There are 11 songs included in that album, and since it was my first full-length album, I considered a lot about what songs to include. I think all 11 songs are amazing, and I’m not just saying this because they are my songs! Out of those, I had high anticipation for the title track, In the Mood. There were many options for the title track, but I thought In the Mood is the best representation of the overall vibe.

ELLE: K-pop has taken over the world; it’s not just a Korean thing anymore, but rather a worldwide phenomenon. Do you feel pressured to perform better because it is a very competitive field?

Whee In: Rather than feeling pressured to promote, I always consider what type of artist I am and what kind of music I should share with my fans and the public. I aim to enjoy all types of music I explore without feeling too much pressure.

ELLE: How does it feel to be a K-pop idol, and how much has your life changed since your debut?

Whee In: Since my debut, I have gotten a tremendous amount of love and support, for which I am forever grateful. I always think of different ways to repay such love, and I believe the best way to do so is to stay active with good albums and various opportunities. That motivates me to participate more in making my music as time passes. I always prepare to showcase different sides of me, so please look forward to my future endeavours as well.

ELLE: Your latest album is the second installment of your identity series. What ties them together? Share something about your musical universe.

Whee In: While I shared about my worthy self (deserve) with the keyword light in WHEE, I showed more of who the real Jung Whee-in is as a human beyond what my art’s worth. You’ll be able to witness Whee In without any limit through this series.

ELLE: What is your go-to routine for preparing your body, mind, and vocal chords for a live performance?

Whee In: I do not have a specific warm-up routine, but I always drink a lot of water to keep my throat moisturising. I perform live for all my rehearsals, which can also work as a great warm-up!

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