5 Webtoon Based K-Dramas That Should Be On Your Binge List

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Just about this time last year, the world became very familiar with people in pink suits and geometric shapes on their faces. Squid Game, a Korean drama had everyone in a fever grip. Sure, it was a K drama, but the emotions were universal. For many, this was an introduction to the world of Korean dramas. People who have been regularly consuming K-dramas know that romance is among the most widely watched genres on these shows. While plenty might be aware, what is perhaps lesser know is that that many of the shows are based on webtoons. “True Beauty” was a masterclass for shows on the portrayal of teenage love stories, this was based on a webtoon. The K-drama quite closely follows those of your typical Korean rom-com, complete with a love triangle, the Cinderella tale, and childhood connections.

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Sweet Home on Netflix was a top-shelf production, an indicator of the rising popularity of Korean content. With their numbers skyrocketing, webtoons are being adapted into K-dramas in record numbers.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 webtoon-based Kdramas in different genres to binge over the weekend.

True Beauty

Teen romance comedy True Beauty is based on the same-named webcomic. It portrays Ju-kyoung, a high school student who experiences bullying because of her “ugly duck” face. She is able to alter her appearance thanks to YouTube, where she learns how to master the art of makeup. Her new high school peers view her as a genuine beauty once she transfers there. The charming Lee Suho is the only person who is aware of her secret. The fundamental love triangle between the three leads was highly concentrated in the webtoon, whilst Ju-schooling kyoung’s and her relationship with Suho were given more attention in the drama. Because it was more detailed, many folks vote that the K-drama is superior to the webtoon.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

All Of Us Are Dead

Based on the Korean webcomic Now at Our School by Joo Dong-Geun, All of Us Are Dead this is a show that has everyone hooked. The setting is a high school that serves as the epicenter of a zombie epidemic. High school friends must team together to fight against bullies and zombies. There are many characters in the cast, and their interpersonal relationships play a starring role. Watching it made us all realize that things could be much, much worse and we’ve lived through a pandemic.

Where to watch: Netflix

Business Proposal

The plot of Business Proposal revolves around Kang Tae Moo making the decision to go on the blind dates arranged for him  to please his grandfather and keep up his pattern of hard work. Realizing that the first date would be the only way to avoid wasting time he meets Shin Ha-ri. Shin has been persuaded by her closest friend on the blind date pretending to be her. You can achieve the Wattpad goal by adding clichés like the two characters having contrasting financial situations, one being really stern, and the other being equally chirpy.

Where to watch: Netflix

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is perfect for fans of spooky Korean webtoons. It is distinct from other Korean dramas because it was adapted from the webtoon of the same name. It is exciting, suspenseful, and a little comical. The webcomic was designed to fit within a 10-episode K-drama series despite having 140 chapters. The narrative is set at the Green Home residential building. People who wish to run away from their issues or yearn for something that is out of their reach are everywhere. Despite the numerous “jump scares” provided by monsters that resemble zombies, what truly distinguishes this drama are the residents’ inner struggles.

Where to watch: Netflix

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class, authored by Jo Gwang-jin, is one of the best webcomics available. The plot centres around a man named Park Sae-ro-yi and his pals, and it features the well-known Korean actor Park Seo-Joon. Sae-ro-yi’s father died in an accident that was brought on by the CEO of a significant food service firm, the son of a wealthy man. After getting freed from prison, he chooses to build a restaurant/bar in Itaewon to make some money to exact revenge by first becoming wealthy. Later, he rises to the position of CEO of Itaewon Class.

Where to watch: Netflix

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