ELLE Exclusive: Kim Woojin Talks About His Musical Journey, New Concepts & India Tour

Kim Woojin
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I have been interviewing K-pop artists ever since I joined ELLE’s team but most of them have happened via video calls or emails. When I got the opportunity to interview Kim Woojin in person last year, it was everything I could ask for. Kim Woojin has been a big part of my K-playlist for a long time be it his OST, Dive from the popular K-drama King The Land, or his mesmerising tune Still Dream.

Anyone who is into K-pop knows his journey hasn’t been an easy one; for Kim Woojin to be able to embark on a solo career, the roads were a bit rocky. He underwent years of preparation before making his stage debut with Stray Kids but had to leave the group for some reasons. But as a solo artist, he has now built a solid fanbase allowing him to take risks with his art and make more tracks.

Last month he dropped his third mini album, I Like That Way which is quite different from his past works yet stands out in his discography. The star sat down with ELLE to share his ideation behind the album, new concepts and more:

ELLE: Tell us something about your new album, I Like The Way.

Kim Woojin: The album sought to show a more mature side than previous albums. It shows a slightly dark and intense feeling that is contrary to the bright image I hold. I have added a lot of my personal and honest stories into the songs, and the title track, I Like The Way, has a confident will to move forward in my way without worrying about what others think.

ELLE: How was your experience while working on it?

Kim Woojin: There were a lot of things to worry about in this album because I participated in many aspects, from song selection to songwriting, so that the message I wanted to convey would be clear, and when I look back at it now after completing it, I am very proud and satisfied with the result.

ELLE: Which is your favourite track from the album, and which one do you think fans will love the most?

Kim Woojin: While promoting this album, I often asked CUBS (fandom name) which song was the best on the album, and they seemed to like Hold the most, which is my favourite as well, but I like all the songs on this album. The most standout song for me is To. My Friend. It’s very close to my heart because it showcases my personal experience and the story of my best friend who passed away.

ELLE: You have been in the K-pop industry for a while; how much do you think you have evolved as an artist?

Kim Woojin: I feel that I have grown in my skills, be it performing on music broadcast stages or on international tours, and I also feel that I have grown a lot mentally, as I have had many worries and thoughts about life during my alone time. For example, I ask myself questions like, ‘What is happiness?’ Through these concerns and thoughts, I plan to create a song that tells my own story in the future!

ELLE: What are the concepts you would love to explore in the future?

Kim Woojin: I want to try something unconventional and out of the box. What I’ve been thinking about these days is what the public sees as singer Kim Woojin’s image and what kind of image he wants to be seen in the future, so I’m working hard to find a fresh concept that fits me well.

ELLE: How was your experience while touring in India?

Kim Woojin: The best part of the tour was the moment I met the Indian CUBS. I was happy to be able to see people passionately cheering and loving me on stage. I would love to visit the country again. Thank you so much for supporting and loving me, so please wait until I come back! I love you guys.

Interview courtesy: Pink Box Events.

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