Molten Accent Chrome Nail Designs That Have Us Calling Our Manicurists


If there’s something that 2023 has seen a lot of, it’s nail trends. From Glazed Donut to Blueberry Milkshake, the year had us reaching for our nail kits and manicurists every few weeks. And we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. 2024 will not be one to stay behind in terms of nail art inspiration.

Chrome nails with molten accents are set to rule the mood boards and fingertips this year. This trend takes inspiration from the fluidity of molten metal, and fuses it with the metallic sheen and iridescent brilliance brought by chrome pigment gels or the traditional chrome powder. Together these two create highly versatile looks with mirror-like shine, and provide a captivating and innovative way to express your individuality through nail art. Get ready to embrace the trend – one dazzling nail at a time.

1. Bowed French Tips


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A post shared by Bryony Howell (@gelsbybry)

Everyone is still raging about bows, and rightfully so. They might be the millennial mustache of the 2020s, but we will enjoy them as much as we did the mustache motif a decade back, if not more. With a simple yet elegant bow on top of molten French tips, this is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your nails this season.

2. Mixed Metal

A taboo no more, mixing metals is not just accepted but encouraged. Why limit the mixing to just accessories though? Play with different metallic shades like bronze, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and more to get the glamour and a touch of rebellion.

3. Swigglies


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Molten accents come out best when done freestyle. Mix up a bunch of colours, explore to your hearts content and get these swiggly, Y2K inspired, vibrant nails.

4. Dripping Silver


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We’ve heard of revenge body and revenge hair but now we’ve finally unlocked a new level, revenge manicure. These hot, fierce and no-nonsense, molten silver chrome nails are just what you need to start off the year with.

5. Shell Tips


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A little texture is all you need to elevate your simple French tips. Add a few shell-like scales to achieve this stunning and sophisticated design.

6. Mermaid Pearl

These nails look like they were pulled right out of a pirate’s treasure chest. Pearls and gemstones with gold accents is a combination which is extremely hard to take our eyes off of.

7. Glow In The Dark


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A post shared by Zola Ganzorigt (@nailsbyzola)

The Rhodes founder has made a name for herself for glistening and glazing. Glowing is the next natural step. The trendsetter that we all can’t help but follow has hit our screens with yet another nail inspiration and we are in love. Add a little bit of glow in the dark powder to the gel color, top it off with branch-like lines and gently rub chrome effect powder.

8. Ice Ice Baby

These glacial inspired heart accents on glittering chromes might just give the Night King a run for his money.

9. Royal Gold


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Ideal for a big, fat, Indian wedding, these gold dipped chrome nails will bring the perfect amount of bling to your looks this wedding season. With these luxurious, dazzling nails, you are bound to stand out.

10. Ethereal

Vanessa Hudgens knows how to do it right. Nothing subtle about the shimmer here, or the colours. Top off with this gel finish and these look positively unearthly.

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