8 Nail Paint Shades You Must Promptly Try For September!

celebrity nail paint beauty

The season is changing and we offer you a glimpse of the newest trends for September. Before you read on, here’s a heads-up: the trends for the month are anything but monotonous, so expect bold colour schemes and one-of-its-kind nail art. This is your sign to book an appointment with your manicurist, pronto!

1. Chrome

chrome nails beauty nail paint

There’s never a dull moment with chrome nails, literally, because chrome doesn’t lose its shine over days as compared to other glossy or glitter nail art and manicures. To amp it up, you can also use a couple of rhinestones for the pop it deserves. This look is a total knockout with celebrities like Hailey Bieber who’s been seen flaunting it recently.

2. The ‘Glazed’ look

glazed donut nails beauty

Who could ever say no to a glazed doughnut? Again, taking inspo from Hailey Bieber’s viral glazed-nails video, we suggest trying it. The glazed effect can easily be attained at home even if you don’t have a nail art kit; all you need is your chrome eyeshadow palette! Press the powder on your nails after applying a base coat and seal it with a transparent top coat.

3. Carmine

red nails beauty

One can never go wrong with red, it’s a fail-proof colour. Red adds an oomph to the whole look no matter what colour you’re wearing. But, we suggest pairing it with a neutral base shade to let the colour pop. Try the French manicure look with red and skip the usual styles!

4. Shades of Pink

pink nails beauty

We are cheering for this hero shade of Y2K! It’s a versatile colour and therefore, its full-force comeback has got us all excited. The fact that pink can be your everyday classic and even an event-day special makes it one of our top picks for the season. We suggest mixing different shades of pink to achieve an artsy nail look.

5. Very Peri

periwinkle nail paint nails beauty

Pantone colour of the year, Very Peri needs to be your every month pick and not just September! A versatile shade, it makes for an ideal pick to welcome the changing season! While the shade stands out individually, we suggest adding a twist to it by going with French tips or adding a bit of glitter.

6. Ivory Silk

white nail paint beauty

Usually, ivory is a welcome palette cleanser to all the colour and chaos that make a stereotypical makeup kit. A perfect blend of modernity and luxury, ivory on nails gives a glazed effect to the nails while also making for a perfect base coat for most nail art designs.

7. Amber

amber nails beauty

Amber makes for a perfect autumn/ fall colour as its undertones exude warmth. It lifts the colour it’s paired with and is generally liked for its versatility. While we leave the pairing of colours to your taste, we suggest opting for the shades of brown and marsala to match the vibe of the season. FYI, an amber manicure with golden jewellery makes for one lethal pairing!

8. Tiffany Blue

tiffany blue nail paint beauty

If we need to imagine a colour for luxury, tiffany blue would definitely cut close. Cool and vibrant, one could go for a French manicure or add it as an accent, the choice is yours!

Let us know which one you like best!

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