The Pure Concept Home Launches Its First Luxury Flagship Store In Mumbai

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Pure Concept

If ‘less is more’ is your vibe, we’ve got news for you. The Pure Concept Home has launched its first-ever luxury flagship store in Mumbai. The expansive space is a testament to timeless minimalism and modern sophistication. So, if you’re guilty of going overboard with your home décor mood-board on Pinterest, this is the place for you.

Conceptualised by founder Chanya Kaur, the visionary behind Pure Concept Homes, alongside her partner and husband Dalbir Singh, The Pure Concept Brand features eclectic and meticulously curated collections of furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, and ceramics etc. It aims at creating a personality for your space that identifies with your aesthetic as individual.

Pure Concept

Apart from her family business of textiles, Kaur tapped into her interest in interior design and amalgamated the two through this venture.

The Pure concept store is situated in the heart of the city’s heritage district, Kala Ghoda. Perfect spot, amidst the vibrant background the area has to offer, overlooking the Prince of Wales Museum, and near the Jehangir Art Gallery. Popular for its Indo-Saracenic architecture, with a hint of art deco, the building is 100 years old. The understated glamour of the store effortlessly juxtaposes with classic construction of Ador house, hitting the sweet spot across its sprawling space of 3600 sq. ft.

Pure Concept

The subtle natural light seamlessly binds the functional yet artistic layout of the store. Natural soft furnishings with a neutral colour palette. Cosy furniture shapes, aligned neatly on a concrete floor with contrasting sisal texturing. Another stand out feature in the store is the high beam ceilings and the intelligent usage of the brand’s signature colour teal. The focal point in the store is the Designer’s Table – an innovative idea introduced for free-flowing discussions between Chanya and patrons, on concept building and ideation.

Pure Concept

Rustic colour palettes, fresh hues, textures, the interplay of light intensities in-home styling, and modern pieces with an inventive take on traditional designs are some of the décor trends spotted in this minimalistic haven. The brand’s penchant for a universal appeal can be identified through the Indian craftsmanship on global design inspiration for the world citizens of today. The Pure Concept Home’s USP lies in its ability to contemporarily reinvent a space while retaining its warmth and functionality.

Pure Concept

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