Don’t Know What to Watch? We’ve Curated A List Of Romantic Movies Based On Your Zodiac Sign


They say love is in the air today; it might be for all those sappy and mad-in-love couples. Valentine’s Day offers escapist fantasies for everyone, even for all the single folks who aren’t in a relationship. The thought of bumping into the love of your life at a cafe, art gallery, or that little neighbourhood bookstore sounds quite dramatic and frankly, unrealistic, but we all want to live there. Like any other single person in my generation, I try to get rid of these V-Day blues by indulging in romantic movies.

Over the past few years, we have seen so many romantic movies come out and touch people’s hearts, regardless of their preferred style of love or relationship. These romantic movies offer the perfect balance of humour, laughter, and love. Romantic comedies appeal to a diverse range of tastes and personalities, just like each star has distinct characteristics and attributes. There is an ever-expanding selection of outstanding rom-coms to pick from. So, for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked the stars to choose the best romantic movies for each sign of the zodiac, so you can binge on them with some comfort food:

Aries: Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

Paper Town Crier — Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na GIFs (Part 4 of 5)

Fierce and self-reliant, Aries are always seeking new romantic experiences to round out their unique qualities. And this Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza starrer classic is a great reference to their personas. This movie has everything an Aries would enjoy, from comedy, childhood friends, and lover tropes to magical tunes by AR Rahman.

Stream on: Netflix

Taurus: Pride and Prejudice

BOOK REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Taurians have a reputation for being strong-headed and stubborn, but people tend to forget that you have a soft side as well, just like Mr.Darcy. Taurus folks prefer to take their time getting to know someone, allowing a natural relationship to form without feeling rushed into making a decision. Pride and Prejudice is a classic, slow-burning romantic movie that will definitely make everyone’s heart skip a beat.

Stream on: Netflix

Gemini: Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle Gifs

Gemini’s are hailed as naturally charming and enjoyable when they’re in the mood for it. They prefer interacting with individuals from different backgrounds, just like Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. She has a simple life at her late father’s hat shop, but all that changes when she meets the famous wizard Howl, who lives in a magical moving castle.

Stream on: Netflix

Cancer: Jab We Met

29 Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About "Jab We Met"

The Cancerian tribe are the true believers in the power of love; nobody can do justice to rom-coms like they do! And they deserve nothing but a classic like this Imtiaz Ali flick. Aditya, a heartbroken tycoon who was on the verge of committing suicide after aimlessly boarding a train, he meets Geet, a high-spirited girl who plans to elope with her lover, and finds himself pulled into her crazy life.

Stream on: Prime Video

Leo: Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman GIF - Movie Pretty Woman Julia Roberts - Discover & Share GIFs

Represented by the lion, Leos are considered the royalties of the zodiac signs, and they are naturally good at romance. Perhaps it’s their easygoing confidence and swagger; whenever they enter a room, they seem to light it up. Perhaps it’s their witty repartee and charming grin. These characteristics only remind us of this modern version of Cinderella, where a prostitute and a wealthy businessman fall hard for one another, forming an unlikely pair.

Stream on: Netflix

Virgo: Set It Up

unicornships: one of my favorite scenes from Set...

Virgos are known to be soft-hearted hustlers, and no one hustled more on the romantic movie radar than this iconic duo of Set It Up. Harper and Charlie, two overworked assistants who work in the same building, decide to get rid of the stress by setting up their bosses with each other, and they fall for each other.

Stream on: Netflix

Libra: Red, White And Royal Blue

Red, White and Royal Blue Gifs — Red, White and Royal Blue - 2023 (directed by...

A little sentimental by heart, Libras wear their hearts on their sleeves. And this fluffy yet emotional queer romance fits the bill perfectly. Alex Claremont-Diaz, the first son of the United States, and young Prince Henry fall in love. However, considering their high-profile public lives, they must keep their relationship a secret at all costs.

Stream on: Prime Video

Scorpio: The Proposal

The Proposal GIF - The Proposal Pain - Discover & Share GIFs

Scorpions are always looking for the best of both worlds. Carrying a bag of sassiness and quirk, they love the attention and know how to make their place anywhere to go. And this fan-favourite movie with a fake dating trope has all of the above. Faced with deportation to Canada, high-powered book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) says she’s engaged to marry Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), her hapless assistant. Andrew agrees to the charade but imposes a few conditions of his own, including flying to Alaska to meet his eccentric family. With a suspicious immigration official always lurking nearby, Margaret and Andrew must stick to their wedding plan despite numerous mishaps.

Stream on: Disney+ Hotstar

Sagittarius: Crazy, Stupid, Love

crazy stupid love ryan gosling gif | WiffleGif

The Sagittarian squad is pleasant, passionate, always up for fun times, and chatty. All these qualities make Crazy, Stupid, Love the ‘it’ choice for them. The plot takes you on a trip with Cal Weaver (Steve Carell), who is living the American dream. He has a good job, a beautiful house, great children, and a beautiful wife named Emily (Julianne Moore). Cal’s seemingly perfect life unravels, however, when he learns that Emily has been unfaithful and wants a divorce. Over 40 and suddenly single, Cal is adrift in the fickle world of dating. Enter, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a self-styled player who takes Cal under his wing and teaches him how to be a hit with the ladies.

Stream on: Prime Video

Capricorn: To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

To All The Boys Lara Jean and Peter GIF

They are known for being highly ambitious, hardworking, and street-smart, but they are softies at heart. A Capricorn knows how to get the job done, and Lara Jean is definitely apt for all this, even when a few things turn out something different yet lovely for her. Lara Jean writes letters to all of her past loves; the letters are meant for her eyes only. Until one day, when all the love letters are sent out to her previous loves. Her life is soon thrown into chaos when her foregoing loves confront her one by one.

Stream on: Netflix

Aquarius: Tune In Love

Watch Tune in for Love | Netflix Official Site on Make a GIF

They take pleasure in their individuality, do not compromise well, and can be quite stubborn. Something we can witness being compatible with the South Korean romantic movie that takes you back to the 1990s: Hardworking Mi Soo and optimistic Hyun Woo meet at a bakery and fall in love while exchanging stories on a radio station, but while their paths keep crossing, the timing never seems to work out.

Stream on: Netflix

Pisces:Valentine’s Day

Scream Queens' Lea Michele Pokes Fun at Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner's Relationship | Teen Vogue

Pisces is a hopeless romantic sign. These people are capable of making extreme sacrifices on behalf of a loved one. And this is a series of interconnected stories in which various Los Angeles residents (Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Bradley Cooper) make their way through the highs and lows of love during a single day. As the holiday unfolds, they experience first dates, longtime commitments, youthful crushes and connections to old flames.

Stream on: Prime Video

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