The 10 Best K-pop Songs So Far In 2024


K-pop is thriving in 2024, and fans are getting spoiled with so many bangers. We’re only halfway through the year and we are already nominating the best K-pop albums and songs for the awards season. There is everything for everyone, an array of options to shuffle on repeat, from energetic girl group tunes to artistically curated songs by some of our favourite artists.

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But what shouldn’t be a surprise for everyone is the major group’s solo acts charting on the billboard, be it BTS’ RM’s Right Place, Wrong Person, or Zico’s On Spot Ft. Jennie. Even the last week of June is witnessing a K-pop rain with Jimin and Lisa dropping new beats.

As they say, nothing is permanent, the top song on your Spotify might change next month but for now, we are name-dropping some of the best K-pop tunes so far in 2024:

1. Come back to me by RM (BTS)

A slow ballad with meaningful lyrics and a stunningly visualised music video, Come back to me takes the number one spot in our K-pop chart.

2. Love Wins All by IU

In this captivating yet delicate song, the K-pop icon wonders if love can conquer all. Dramatic strings, emotional piano, and her ethereal voice all come together like magic.

3. Smart by LE SSERAFIM

With an addictive beat and a grooving signature step to recreate, this song is an ultimate party starter.

4. FRI(ENDS) by V (BTS)

This K-pop song has everything for a successful song; vocals, visuals and versatility. The tune is good but the music video makes it even better which could have been longer in our opinion. Watch V turning into an anti-romantic was fun.

5. Impossible by RIIZE

The producers knew what they were doing, the K-pop song felt crisp, engaging, and fresh for a summer playlist.

6. on the street (solo version) by J-Hope

The overall album is a delight to listen and this solo version of the song is a tribute to street dance, representing J-Hope’s roots, and the places he’s been along the way.

7. Spell by Seventeen

A captivating K-pop chant, Spell, by the group’s performing team (Dino, The8, Hoshi, and Jun), combines dreamy synthesisers and hypnotic beats to create the ideal spell on you.

8. Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco) by Jimin (BTS)

Jimin expertly combines hip-hop beats with a marching band’s upbeat, brassy sound, drawing inspiration from The Beatles’ legendary Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song opens the door for his upcoming solo album Muse.

9. Never Let Go by Jungkook (BTS)

The main factor that makes the song special is Jungkook’s personal touch; the BTS member co-wrote both the music and lyrics. Even though Jungkook is presently serving out his required military duty, his music still has an impact on listeners, demonstrating his continued commitment and influence.

10. Rockstar by Lisa

The exuberant tune isn’t too far from the stuff she released three years prior, the single album Lalisa, but this time she’s added her charisma to the mix, making it better than any of her previous solo efforts.

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