BTS’ V’s Wardrobe Is A Perfect Blend Of Old School & Dark Academia. Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Pieces

  1. Sure, this might be a painting with broad strokes, but BTS‘ V aka Kim Taehyung’s fashion game, is always mood board-worthy. V is popularly known for his incredible vocal skill and undeniable rizz. His tunes have a longingness–they feel like a warm hug on a bad day. And his style approach is versatile yet steady. It’s evident that he doesn’t strive too hard; rather, his natural sense of style and personality are apparent.


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Initially, his outfits consisted of a lot of bright, colourful, and bold takes, but as his music and BTS‘ discography evolved, we noticed a big shift in his dressing style. Recently, he has been on a dark academic journey, with his looks quite apt for his love of soft jazz and old-school music, reflecting his debut album Layover. With his sinful voice and stunning visual appeal, he has captured the hearts of some of the biggest luxury labels. This year, in March 2023, V was officially announced as the brand ambassador of Hedi Slimane’s Celine, and a few months later, he was the newest member of the iconic jewellery brand Cartier’s family, joining fellow K-Pop star Jackson Wang. He also made his campaign debut for Cartier for the latest Panthère de Cartier drop.

V’s wardrobe has been ruled by warm tones and classic pieces and to celebrate his 28th birthday, we dissect some of his enduring fashion eras for you:

1. Ruffle Romance

Straight out of a Jane Austen novel, V has been spotted quite a few times ditching the classic white shirt for a voluminous collared one. Even in his official photobook, he was donning some Bridgerton-esque pieces, leaving fans wanting a more princely-charming version of him.

2. Trench Coat King

This particular style serves some major K-Drama-worthy fashion. Even though V is not the tallest member of BTS, his Kim Taehyung-esque appearance makes him look spectacular with a long coat. Reward the singer for being able to nail this look in any colour—sophisticated white, subtle brown, black, or sometimes even patterned.

3. The Bonita Look

As the Internet always asks, Do you or do you not feel bonita? And we know BTS’ Kim Taehyung in this chocker-like ribbon and scarf knot is a peek Bonita serve. A simple illusion of a bow with a ribbon is something we all need to pin to our boards.

4. Biker Boy Coded

BTS’ vocal king’s airport fashion trivia is usually a great mix of comfort and statement pieces. And nothing beats a classic black biker jacket. Channelling his inner Grease phase, V has often been lensed in some staple blue jeans with some zipper leather jackets.

5. In Defence Of The Headbands

If there’s one trend we’d love to see him sport again, it’s definitely these bandanas. From his first Grammys performance to the whole Mic Drop Era, he served every bandana look with oozing confidence and swag.

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