7 Trending Butterfly Eye-Makeup Looks You Need To Try To Break The Monotony

Butterfly Eye Makeup

Butterfly motifs are a symbol of the 90s and Y2K and they have been trending for a while now in the beauty and fashion world. Colourful butterfly clips to fanned out butterfly lashes, it’s been everywhere in one form or the other. The new beauty trend adding to the bandwagon is the butterfly eye makeup. Bella Hadid gave us a dramatic black butterfly makeup look last year and we are still not over it. Now with Euphoria taking the trend forward and Coachella looks giving it a nod, it’s going to stay.

You don’t have to be a pro at makeup to achieve the look; all you need is some inspiration that matches your vibe to give it a go. Make sure to stock up on those bright coloured liners, get inspired and paint away. 

1. Ombre Wings


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Bring in your blending skills for this one. Create red high wings, and blend them down towards the cheeks with purple eyeshadow in the corners of the butterfly wing. Complete the look with sharp black eyeliner and glossy lips.

2. Go Boujee


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If you thought drawing butterfly wings on your eyes is over the top you have another one coming! Have fun with gems and rhinestones. Pop on some blue eyeshadow for the double-winged butterfly with a black pointy border. Place rhinestones starting from the inner corner of the eyes and you are done. 

ELLE Tip: Use an oil-based makeup remover when removing rhinestone makeup.

3. Dainty Wings

How about tiny wings that are totally wearable and easy to achieve? This is a perfect look when you aren’t looking for something too dramatic but still want to hop on the trend. Blend yellow and orange eyeshadow on the eyelids. Make two tiny wings on the outer corner. Fill them in with orange and yellow while outlining them with black and adding strokes for depth. 

4. Very Peri Glam


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Feel free to bring out all that shine and sparkle from your makeup bag for this one! Start off with pink eyeshadow and then draw a black wing starting from the crease merging into two small wings near the lower lashline. Add iridescent stars on the wings and some glitter on the eyelids.

ELLE tip: We recommend using lash glue to stick on the stars.

5. Vibrant Two Tones


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Get the best of both worlds with this dual-tone look. Blend in purple and blue on each eyelid respectively. Draw in black butterfly wings all across the crease and add white dots to the shape. Add blue and purple eyeshadow or eyeliner to your waterline on opposite sides.

6. Stay Warm


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Play around with warm tones that would perfectly pair with summer tan. Blend in some red and yellow eyeshadow on the lids with red on the lower lash line. Add a butterfly wing on the top and bottom, pair it will a dewy look and you are good to go.

7. Minimal Pastels

This minimalistic pastel eyeliner look is way too adorable. Simply use one pastel shade from the inner corner to your mid crease. Continue the liner by adding the second shade and creating the wings on the outer corner. Voila! 

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