K-Pop Summer Fix: From RM’s ‘Come Back To Me’ To New Jeans’ Bubble Gum, We Got AI To Curate A No Skip Playlist


Love it or hate it, summers are unquestionably one of the most anticipated. Blame it on mangoes and longer days. Going back in time, summers were our favourite due to the holidays, but for working adults like me (still trying to digest this fact), it’s time to make use of those paid holidays and prioritise myself on weekends. Such free time calls for an ultimate K-pop playlist to blast on full volume while enjoying a good drink (1 shot of soju, please).

The options this time are vast, especially given that one of the biggest K-pop stars, RM, has dropped a heartfelt song today. In this nearly seven-minute song, the K-pop sensation is shown looking for himself in various walks of his life trying to meet all the expectations. The music video is reflecting everything you would expect RM to narrate with his signature aesthetics and visuals.

And coming to a summer playlist there’s so much to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming, and to make it easier for you, ELLE asked AI to curate the ultimate summer banging playlist for everyone.

1. Come Back To Me by RM

“Spring always been here, I will sleep in her eyes”

Excuse me, sir, you are going to make us cry this summer. The melody is too beautiful to vibe with.

2. Butter by BTS

“Hot like summer / Yeah, I’m making you sweat like that (break it down!)”

The lyrics are selling this K-pop song itself!

3. Alcohol-Free by Twice

“Sweet mimosa, piña colada / I’m drunk in you”

Summers and piña colada? I am sold.

4. I Don’t Know You Anymore by Eric Nam

”Forget your face ’cause it’s too late to say you’ll change”

First: Who broke his heart? Second: Ultimate summertime sadness K-Pop track!

5. Ice Cream by BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez

“Ice cream chillin’, chillin’, ice cream chillin”

Alexa! Order one Korean matcha-vanilla sundae, please.

6. Haegum by Agust D

“This lively rhythm, Perhaps, this could be a new kind of haegeum” (English Translation)

There’s one thing in K-pop, no one can do it like SUGA.

7. Bubble Gum by New Jeans

“Oh, you make my heart melt away, You’re a softie”

The girls are back with another K-pop summer bop!

8. LA LA LA by Stray Kids

“Just feel the rhythm of the world, Cause we will make it rock” (English Translation)

Petition for the clubs to play this on repeat.

9. Just Right by Got7

“That she’s pretty and perfect just as she is right now, Just be happy, don’t worry, Don’t look for your flaws”

If Jackson Wang said this to me in real life, I would only listen to this K-pop track my whole life.

10. Hot by Seventeen


“Drop it like hot, hot, hot”

This is the playlist title, everyone!

11. Tamed-Dashed by Enhypen

“Scorching sun show me the way / My compass, please don’t leave me now.”

It’s giving Disney musical with K-pop energy. Troy Bolton who?

12. Back For More by TXT ft. Anitta

“There’s a magic to what this is, It’s like a dream and we both day-trippin”

Excuse me, is it hot in here? Can we appreciate these sexy dance moves, please?

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